3ware 3DM RAID1死亡


3ware 3DM alert -- host: www.example.com

WARNING: Drive sector ECC error corrected on port 1 on controller ID:0. (0x23)

source: www.example.com


3ware 3DM alert -- host: www.example.com

WARNING: Drive timeout encountered on port 1 on controller ID:0. Check cables and drives for media errors. (0x9)

source: www.example.com

3ware 3DM alert -- host: www.example.com

ERROR: Disk Array Unit 0 on controller ID:0 is degraded and no longer fault tolerant. Check log for drive errors. (0x2)

Fault tolerant disk arrays become degraded or incomplete when they cannot write to or read from a member drive. The array's data may be read and new data may be written to the array, however, the array is still NO LONGER FAULT TOLERANT.

When an array is degraded or incomplete you have three courses of action:

1. Replace the suspected drive and REBUILD the array using 3DM.See the Configure page.

2. BRING THE SYSTEM DOWN and check cabling and connections. Reboot the system and attempt to REBUILD THE ARRAY using the 3ware Disk Array Configuration Utility BIOS extension.

3. DO NOTHING and continue operating with the array functional but not fault tolerant.

NOTE: Please examine the 3DM ALARMS page fr more information regarding the cause of the failure.

source: www.example.com


--------------------- Kernel Begin ------------------------

2 Time(s): 3w-xxxx: scsi0: AEN: WARNING: Sector repair occurred: Port #1.

---------------------- Kernel End -------------------------