March 2007 : New 2.1 version.

Nagios 2.8

03/08/2007 Nagios 2.8 and NRPE 2.7.1 Released
Nagios 2.8 has just been released! This latest stable release fixes several bugs that were present in versions 2.7 and earlier (see the Changelog). NRPE 2.7.1 was also released with a minor bugfix to prevent compilations errors under AIX. You can download the new releases here.

Nagios いれかえないとなぁ

2.8 - 03/08/2007
Bug fix for calculating notification interval with service escalations
Bug fix for using servicegroups in service dependency definitions
Bug fix for bad date format submission in command CGI
Possible segfault fix during restarts when daemon was performing host checks
Fix for missing check timeout in event broker calls
Fix for handling signals under NPTL
Added error messages for passive service checks that don't correspond to a defined service